One to One Sessions

This is a service where, by appointment, we can meet you in person to discuss your situation and the issues involved. We can examine the options available to you, give you detailed information about the particular substance(s) in use, and explain the addiction and recovery process.We also discuss coping strategies, the difference between enabling and supporting your user, and answer any questions you have in more detail.

Session normally last about an hour or slightly longer, but you're not limited to a single session - we're not happy until you are.

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We are here to listen… not to work miracles.

We can’t ‘fix’ your user for you, only they themselves can do that, nor do we have a magic template for you that will put it all right.

We are here to help you discover what you are feeling… not to make feelings go away.

By exploring your feelings and the reasons for them we can help you come to terms with them, realise that they’re normal in the circumstances, and you can start to address them.

We are here to help you identify your options… not to decide for you what you should do.

We can discuss the options available to you for your particular situation and explore what might happen if you select particular ones, but the final choice of which to use is yours.  However, it will be an informed and carefully considered choice.

We are here to discuss steps for you… not take the steps for you.

Having explored your feelings and options we can discuss what might result from various choices and help you decide what steps could be most appropriate for you.

We are here to help you discover your own strength… not to rescue you and leave you still vulnerable.

Being rescued without having to do the work is unproductive, and is at best a very temporary solution. You possess numerous strengths that can be channeled into dealing with your situation, and by helping you to identify and use them you’ll be enabled to use them again and again.

We are here to help you discover how you can help yourself… not to take responsibility for you.

You should gain an understanding of your user’s dependence and the effects that the substance has on them and their personality. You should also gain a basic understanding of the addiction and recovery process and how it applies to your user. This will help you to make informed choices about the way forward in your relationship with them.

We are here to help you learn to choose… not to make it unnecessary for you to make difficult choices.

We will help you to understand the options available when making difficult choices, so that you can weigh up the pros and cons and reach sensible and informed decisions. The choices made will always be yours.

We are here to provide support for your change!!!

We’ll support you by helping you to look objectively at your situation and provide you with a toolbox for making informed and sensible choices that will be yours. We’ll provide continuing support when you have doubts, queries, or crises, and once again will help you to find appropriate solutions for yourself.

We do provide as much information as you need, and also a friendly and sympathetic ear to listen to you in times of crisis. It’s also helpful just to be able to offload your concerns to someone who has been in a similar situation and understands your feelings and fears.

We can also offer, from time to time, referral to other specialised services that can help you via free seminars or courses.

Our thanks to those whose help enables us to continue providing this service:

Gloucestershire DAAT Independence Trust (formerly GDAS) PADA Wired In