About Us

CPSG was started in 2002, following our younger son Robin's death in 1997 from an accidental heroin overdose. During his addiction, and after his death, we found that there was little support, or even up to date information, available for families or others concerned about someone's drug or alcohol dependency.

We therefore decided to provide for others, the service that we were looking for, but that didn't exist at a time when we so desperately needed it. Firstly, and to get things right, we needed to go through a period of gathering the necessary information, making suitable contacts, receiving training in substance misuse and family support, and all the other essential processes, before we felt ready to offer the standard of service we aimed for. We're trained by GDAS (Gloucestershire Drug & Alcohol Service), ADFAM, and PADA (Parents Against Drug Abuse), by attendance at various workshops held by a number of other organisations, and by a large amount of self-study & research.

We've made many good friends and contacts along the way, and are grateful for all the help we've received from them, and we believe that what we now provide is an appropriate and professional service for those who need it. This is borne out by the numerous expressions of thanks that we've had from those we've been able to help, and by the recognition we've received from other organisations in the field, both statutory and voluntary.

Ian spent some time as a director of FAMFED (a national federation of family support groups) before its incorporation into PADA, and Irene continues to work part time as a volunteer at the Independence Trust (formerly GDAS), where she deals with users rather than concerned others. That gives her a much more balanced picture of how things are 'on both sides of the fence'. We continue with our learning process, work hard to keep up to date with developments in the substance misuse field, have strong links with many other organisations and like-minded people, and in Dec 2007 we gained membership of FDAP (Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals).

Ian is currently chair of the NTA South West Region Carers Forum, and of the Gloucestershire DAAT Carers and Concerned Others steering group.

We're non-judgemental and non-discriminatory, and all of our services are completely free and (within the limits of the law) confidential.

We're a Registered Charity and are funded by Gloucestershire DAAT. We have the use of a room at The Independence Trust for our one-to-one sessions, and if we're away from home for more than 24 hours you'll get a message on our answerphone that gives the number to call for PADA who will deal with any calls until our return.

Our thanks to those whose help enables us to continue providing this service:

Gloucestershire DAAT Independence Trust (formerly GDAS) PADA Wired In