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CPSG is a service for anyone concerned by another's misuse, or potential misuse, of drugs or alcohol. Despite our title we don't confine our services to parents, or to Cheltenham, but are available to anyone from anywhere. Our services are available to anybody concerned about someone else's misuse of drugs or alcohol, including family members, partners or friends. Our objective is to provide support, information, and referral to an experienced specialist drug or alcohol worker if appropriate. All of our services are free and confidential and we don't require you to provide any personal details unless you wish to do so.

Tackling Drugs Changing Lives

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We don't currently run a monthly meeting group, but instead provide a one-to-one service as this has proved to be the preferred option for most clients.

This allows more time to concentrate on the particular issues that concern you, and isn't restricted to specific dates or times. We see you at any mutually convenient time, and as often as you wish.


"When drugs or alcohol enter a life, like the ripples from a pebble dropped into a pond, the repercussions reach out to affect the lives of all those close to them...and beyond."

  • About

    CPSG was started in 2002, following our younger son Robin's death in 1997 from an accidental heroin overdose. During his addiction, and after his death, we found that there was little support, or even up to date information, available for families or others concerned about... Learn more
  • Drug Database

    These are the most common currently used drugs, but if you require information about another, please call or e-mail us and we can almost certainly provide the relevant information. Learn more
  • Services

    We acknowledge that some people may prefer to use the anonymity of an online service rather than talk on the telephone or face to face at a difficult and stressful time, so you can e-mail us directly from the site with any questions or comments - just click on the email link here to enable this feature. Learn more

Latest News

  • New CPSG title

    We've changed our long title to Carer & Parent Support Gloucestershire, but will still be commonly known as CPSG.

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  • Legal Highs

    With Parliament’s approval, the government has brought a range of so-called 'legal highs' under control of the Misuse Drugs Act 1971, with effect from 23 December 2009. It aims to address the health risks associated with use of these substances, which are considered dangerous or otherwise harmful.

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  • Links Update

    The links are also being updated and will include others we've found to be particularly appropriate or helpful.

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