• New CPSG title - 03 June 2010

    We've changed our long title to Carer & Parent Support Gloucestershire, but will still be commonly known as CPSG.

  • Legal Highs - 02 March 2010

    With Parliament’s approval, the government has brought a range of so-called 'legal highs' under control of the Misuse Drugs Act 1971, with effect from 23 December 2009. It aims to address the health risks associated with use of these substances, which are considered dangerous or otherwise harmful.

  • Links Update - 19 January 2010

    The links are also being updated and will include others we've found to be particularly appropriate or helpful.

  • Nelson Trust Family Seminar weekends - 19 January 2010

    We have recently been able to offer referral for some clients to obtain a free place on one of Nelson Trust's Family Seminar weekends.

  • Wired In - 19 January 2010

    Since last November we've been involved with Professor David Clark (of Daily Dose fame) and his new venture the Wired In website.

  • CPSG workshop - 19 January 2010

    CPSG presented a workshop at DrugFam's first annual conference in High Wycombe.

Our thanks to those whose help enables us to continue providing this service:

Gloucestershire DAAT Independence Trust (formerly GDAS) PADA Wired In