AA Alcoholics Anonymous - the 12 step fellowship for alcohol users.
Al-Anon 12 step fellowship for alcohol users' families.
Al-Ateen 12 step fellowship for young people aged 12-17 inclusive, who are affected by a problem drinker.
CA 12 step fellowship for Cocaine/Crack users.
CCP/First Stop County Community Projects - local (Gloucestershire) source of information & help for many issues, particularly around young people & families.
FA Families anonymous - 12 step fellowship for the families of drug users.
Independence Trust (formerly GDAS)
Independence Trust is a Gloucestershire Charity that supports individuals, families, and communities with concerns about mental health, alcohol or drugs.
GINI A county-wide service for young drug or alcohol users (under 18).
Gloucestershire DAAT The Drug & Alcohol Action Team responsible for coordinating and commissioning the National Updated Drugs and Alcohol Strategies across the county.
NA Narcotics Anonymous - 12 step fellowship for Heroin & Opiate users.
Nelson Trust A residential & structured day-care rehab in Brimscombe. Operates an abstinence based recovery programme for drug or alcohol users, and some other addictions.
PADA A long established national helpline for parents concernd about a family member's drug or alcohol use. PADA also provides training courses for those working in the field.

Our thanks to those whose help enables us to continue providing this service:

Gloucestershire DAAT Independence Trust (formerly GDAS) PADA Wired In