Our Services CPSG is non-judgemental and non-discriminatory



We acknowledge that some people may prefer to use the anonymity of an online service rather than talk on the telephone or face to face at a difficult and stressful time, so you can e-mail us directly from the site with any questions or comments - just click on the email link here to enable this feature.

Our services are free and confidential* and we don't retain any information that would identify you personally to anyone else.

*In the following exceptional circumstances we are obliged by law to divulge certain information:

  • If there is a real concern that you are putting a third person at risk. (e.g. child abuse)
  • Where we're instructed to do so by the Child Protection Dept. of Gloucestershire Social Services under the Children Act 1989, Section 7.
  • Where required to do so under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1989, Drug Trafficking Offences Act 1996, or during an investigation by the Serious Fraud Squad.
  • Should you fall seriously ill during a meeting and we need to inform medical personnel of your name and address. (if we have it)


Just a reminder that your telephone calls or e-mails to us are treated in confidence.  We don't retain any personal details you may give, except for your telephone number if you've expressed a wish for us to call you back.  Records kept for the purpose of monitoring our performance don't identify you to anyone else.  Your number or e-mail address will never be divulged to anyone outside CPSG without your express permission and, should you wish us to call you back, our number is automatically witheld so that it's not revealed to anyone else via your own telephone.

Our thanks to those whose help enables us to continue providing this service:

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